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Aluminium composite panel


1. Introduction:

Composite aluminum panels (aluminum composite panel) are new materials used in Vietnam in under ten years. However, in Europe and some other developed countries, it has been used over thirty years.

This is viewed as a material has both advantages Vietnamese efficiency and aesthetics of it.

Aluminium emerged as a decorative material surface rich interior colors and categories without any material that may be. Ability fastness under the effects of weather, climate of Aluminium sheets is over 40 years.

In addition to these advantages, the aluminum composite construction is relatively easy. Aluminium composite panels with you can create a multitude of shapes, meandering curves required by the design without having any difficulties.

With the above features Aluminium composite panel is always the number 1 choice of the construction of facades and interior decoration.

2. Components:

Complete Aluminium alloy, capable of better thermal conductivity 3 times compared with steel materials. In general, aluminum composite panels (aluminum composite panel) 4 mm thick generally (there are 3-6 mm) are joined by two layers of aluminum corrosion 0.5 mm thick aluminum layers each, with a central core of polyethylene - a 3 mm thick fireproof plastic. Manufacturers offer the product parameters specific gravity is only half the weight of aluminum sheet with thickness homogeneity that equivalent hardness. Therefore, lightweight composite panels easy installation, construction such as bending, bending angle, cutting, slotting ... other features, are corrosion-resistant and capable of adapting to the weather; withstand impact by 80oC temperature from -50 oC to.

Alu has high chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, color retention in both water and oil, acids and especially not warp. According to the numbers of research scientists, the Alu-finished sheet is not affected by temperature conditions in a temperature range up to + 800oC run from -500oC and thanks to the complex features of the new technology Should the surface of the roof plate against the corrosive environment, the erosion of temperature.

Additionally Alu panels also reached and exceeded many other technical standards as the standards for coating thickness, the glossy, reliability acid - alkaline - both solvent and impact resistance standards - when no reefs, no rupture.

There are about 30 names for this product: Alcopanel, alumech (South Korea), alucobond (Germany), alpolic (Japan), Haida, alucobest (China), alucowork, Aluminium alloy alucolic ... reduce weight more 34% compared to steel materials and other materials.


                      Cấu tạo tấm ốp nhôm Composite 

3. Color:

Systems create signature paint and fake stone, wood on aluminum surfaces coated with multiple coating material with 30 color, pattern and are usually guaranteed from 1-5 years (depending on location). Price and quality levels, depending on the thickness of the surface layer of aluminum; eg 3 mm sheet aluminum layer is 0.21 mm per side but only 0.18 or 0.15 mm type, even thinner.

Depending on the nuances of color and surface texture can be applied to suitable for many different categories of works. And not just for front facing, close to the ceiling, but also walls, roofs welcome, roof decorations, roof, floor and wall column, as do leaves, books, cabinets, counters, desks or tables ad .. favorable than aluminum panels on curved surfaces and work protection for all areas of the sea breeze.

Fast construction time, clean, little troubling, especially the construction of inserts in the city. Suitable and effective for large projects but also residential applications as this is pretty or fashionable materials.

Sunny, the cool, unharmed but need precise construction, real tight seal ron (joint) so rainwater does not fall into the inner steel frame easily cause lightning damage. "

Products aluminum alloy panels (aluminum plates) are the architectural design consultant selection for offer complete beauty of modern architecture and the rigor of the Classic.

                        Aluminum composite colors

4. Specification Composite aluminum panels (aluminum composite panel)

     Aluminum composite panels, also known as plastic panels, aluminum alloy, is used as a material for interior and exterior finishing for construction works. Composite aluminum panels have the following personality traits:

 Weather resistance good: Aluminum Composite Panels are not affected by extreme weather conditions, especially the buildings in coastal areas, tropical areas, hot, wet ...

     High flatness: Aluminum Composite Panels with high flatness, smooth, eliminating the problems of bias, distortion when used.

Flexibility: Aluminum Composite Panels capable of bending, cutting, drilling, punching ... easily, can create more complex shapes with tools, equipment and simple.

Good durability, to withstand impact: Aluminum Composite Panels with good resilience, resistant to impacts, such as wind, storm, vibration and resistance to breakage and cracking.

     Reducing dead weight: Aluminum Composite Panels Using reduce dead weight of the building compared to the use of other materials. The weight of the panels, 1/10 lighter weight materials of the same thickness as marble, stone grannite, concrete ... Aluminum Composite Panels make the building safe and avoid risk damage from earthquakes.

     Sound insulation - insulation: Aluminum Composite Panels maximum effective help for problem soundproof insulation. Polyestylene core temperature pressed not allow penetration into the building because it is one of the best insulating materials, thus saving costs for air conditioning and energy.

     Fire resistance: Polyestylene is not flammable substance, does not emit toxic gases when a fire occurs.

     Waterproof capability, chemical and corrosion resistant: inner plastic layer with high quality guarantee against corrosion and fading, moisture resistant, waterproof, dirt, algae, fungus, moss and cracks chappy.

     Easy warranty and maintenance: Using Composite decorative aluminum inserts are easy to maintain, simply clean with ordinary detergent that may surface as shiny new.

     Product is environmentally friendly: Aluminium Composite Panels are entirely the product can be recycled and reused in the production process does not harm the environment, alternative, substitute products Cladding with natural materials like wood, thus saving forest resources.

Attractive color diversity: The variety of colors help to increase choice for buildings, increase the beauty and aesthetics of the house.

5. Application:

- Cladding facades of buildings, office buildings, civil

- Making decorative ceiling sound insulation, cooling, fire protection

- Interior and exterior construction

- Design and construction of the poster, backdrop, signs showroom, restaurant.

- Decorated bodywork, hull, chassis, elevators, gas stations, shelters, gates, roof lounge, technical box DOORS, ...

6. Application methods composite aluminum tiles:

6.1. Folding box measures:

Folding box method is the method most recommended manufacturers use in the construction process. This is the method with the highest safety factor. However the method is rarely used contractors with reason is difficult to execute, requiring skilled workers and labor consumption as well as high construction machinery.

Using the method of folding boxes quality external factors are also many other advantages such as easy editing Replace, Replace, high deformation resistant and insulation works well.

Typical Structure of box folding method as follows:

a. Anatomy frame:

     Hình ảnh minh họa

b. Fold the sheet:

After processing the main bearing bone, on the basis of detailed design machining Roan street bearing frame parts. The load-bearing frame parts after machining finished are caught in main bearing bracket for precision calibration position of each plate.

Top divers only one sheet each frame disassembling our support plate and the measurement taken for folding sheet size.

Based on the original panel conducted suffering workers yanked the finished pulley sizes as required by the machine pulley plate.

After having finished plate workmen milling conducting plates (Creating groove to fold sheets), if the same size can be used for milling machine table clamp, but usually the size differences panels at many so people workers using handheld milling machine for milling.

After processing is complete folding panels conducting ribs broken link associated support plate with silicon cutlets Rive and then carry out reattach broken bulb location.

c. Finish:

After the expensive plates in the frame stable (distance giuua the immediate link between the skeleton in the main bearing bracket <60cm 1 cypress).

Roan sanitary conducting road, mounted road lined Roan in and conduct anti-lem paper tape glue and glue pump proceed.

Glue pump stages have undertaken intense specialized workers, the finishing line more beautiful glue will have a huge influence on the aesthetics of the whole building.

6.2. Milling method bat + click rive:

This is the method commonly used by most of the construction units, this method workability, less wear and good character cong.Tuy private schemes, this is not optimal, with works using this method low life expectancy for several reasons:

- Link between the link layer of glue Aluminium plate heat, the use of inter-rive after milling away ½ sheet will not ensure the bearing capacity, the process used under the influence of wind loads, under the influence thermal, environmental corrosion will damage the link between layers of plate caused the phenomenon of "Puff" plate after 1 time use.

- Create Roan Street glue in this approach so thin that under the action of very vulnerable environment to facilitate peeling drafts between two sheets reduces bearing capacity.

To overcome the weak points, we use the plan to use 3M adhesive tape instead of silicon and rive VHBTM.

The lifespan of silicon (kind used exterior) usually about 10 to 15 years, after 15 years of silicon elasticity will fall, it's time to link the most easily broken. For 3M adhesive tape VHBTM aging period would be 30 years (Fold 2 times silicon). Also the use of 3M adhesive tape VHBTM has some other advantages like: Stabilization good, airtight, waterproof, good and especially the ability to withstand wind forces up to 360km / h. If constructed by methods using 3M adhesive tape ½ VHBTM will reduce construction time increasing the quality of works to 2 times.

The steps of this method of construction similar folding box method, the typical structural differences.

3M adhesive tape VHBTM To promote all effects and increase our strength bearing bone is selected aluminum 40x40 box, bone box support plate aluminum 20 x 20, the main bone associated with bone firmly supported by the pressing plates + rive.

7. The market supplies:

  Vietnam market, popular brands of aluminum composite as: Vertu, Alcorest, Alupe, Alumax, Alubond, Alucobond, Globond ....

8. Some pictures of typical projects:

 Aluminium construction project in Cai Lan International Container Terminal (CICT4000)