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Sàn vinyl chống tĩnh điện

Vinyl (PVC) is a plastic tile floor tile used as a substitute for conventional, flooring planks, Vietnam has many advantages and is increasingly widely used in Vietnam.


Created by the major components like

- Plastics (PVC primary, renewable)

- Carbon Fiber - Additives: create solid, flexible, scratch


Characteristics of vinyl flooring:

- High elasticity, flexibility, scratch.

- Ability antistatic: from 104Ω - 106Ω (resulting electrostatic), 107Ω - 109Ω (scatter static)

- The surface smooth, anti-slip, easy to clean.

- Ability antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-chemicals.

- Resistant to impact, noise reduction.

- High flatness, less seams.

- Cost savings

- Easy transportation, installation and replacement.


- Plant, computer room, control room, power plants, transformer stations

- Laboratory, chemical room, food processing room

- Hospitals, operating rooms, clean rooms, wellness center

- Trade centers, offices, apartments, ...

- Restaurants, hotels, schools, public areas



Quy cách:

- Sàn vinyl dạng tấm 

- Sàn vinyl dạng cuộn
Kích thước 2m x 20m x 2mm

Mã màu tấm sàn vinyl chống tĩnh điện