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Austrong Cell 100x100

Products: ACE-100x100

Specification: 100x100mm

Colour: White (RAL)

Material: Aluminum 1100 - 3003 (H24, stainless steel)

Thickness: 0.5mm

Cell caro aluminum ceiling system Austrong assembled from aluminum U-shape with a width of 15mm and 50mm high. This type is characterized by ceiling suspension system synchronized with the main bone bars and horizontal bar is made of the same material with the boxes caro. This ceiling is characterized by Vietnam thanks to the links to be obscured. U characterized by folding the top edge has increased hardness has to infiltrate the hook slide. The bar can cut to different lengths. Laid Braket hook slide and allow standardized contour of the ceiling. Cell plates are removable Austrong caro easily using the link goes behind the bar hook slide the U. The brace or splint rim seal L shape is used as a bare outline.


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