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Austrong Lay-in T-black 600x600

Product: ATL-618

Specification: 600x600mm

Colour: White (RAL)

Material: Aluminum 1100 - 3003 (H24, stainless steel)

Thickness: 0.6mm - 0.9mm

Using open suspension, aluminum ceilings Lay-in Austrong highlight hanging models. The ceiling panels were released into the black T-rails can be matched to a hanging and eight points in a balanced way. Rods T-black and Lay-in ceiling panels Austrong ceiling system is ideal for combination with other ceiling systems. With the art interior applications, square ceiling and many styles of rectangular aluminum, galvanized with rich colors are recommended. Thanks to the non-woven glued to the inner surface of the ceiling panels, ceiling Lay-in is Austrong acoustical ceiling systems, effective sound absorption.


Product Structure: