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Hapulico Complex


     Hapulico Complex is a combination commercial centers, office and apartment, Hapulico Complex possesses a very favorable factors such as a prime location, luxurious, comfortable and owners reputable investment, promises to be for shopping, entertainment and work is ideal for individuals and organizations. Commercial buildings, offices, luxury housing this company's Real Estate Investment Hapulico located in a beautiful location with 3 sides Nguyen Huy Tuong Street, Nguy Nhu Kontum and Vu Trong Phung Street. Design projects over 43,000m2 of land, designed with 5 main areas:

- The mixture of two 24-storey high tower

- Zone A is 2 blocks 21 storeys

- Zone B consists of 4 blocks of 17 floors

- The low-rise building consists of 28 growers and social infrastructure projects.

- In addition to low-rise buildings (28 garden), combined with 8 high-rise blocks, from 17-24 floors.

The entire building is placed on 2 basements system, high capacity.



     Apartment of the area consists of 800 apartments, divided into 5 categories from 77 - 251m2 (2-4 bedrooms, 2-4 sanitary district), designed and functional diversity of usable area, the downstairs is a commercial, public service, on the office work and stories in. All are well equipped with modern special equipment. The commercial and services accessible from the main road (road Nguyen Huy Tuong or Vu Trong Phung). The apartment lobby, office lobby, commercial lobby was detached. Office blocks (19 floors of the building 24 floors high) over approximately 31,000 m2, is designed Grade B standard, organized transportation vertical axis includes 6 lifts Mitsibishi 1,200 kg load (16 people), speed 3.5-4 m / sec; 2 stairs and a ladder hoist line.



    Besides benefiting from mass retail facilities, shopping centers, the top floor of the office block is also arranged dining room, bar. Also, Hapulico Complex also arranged screening room modern technology.